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Jul 22 2016, 04:57 PM
a tale of a fallen heroine

Long ago, the world was nothing but a place full of depravity, trapped in the era that was known as “The Dark Ages”. Seeing this, the Heavens appointed a messianic figure to lead the world to its righteous path, granting her with unparalleled ability in magic and wisdom which no other man can withstand without breaking down from its sheer mightiness.

Her name was Viatrix Codris.

From the beginning of her ascension as the apostle from the Heavens to the day she died, Viatrix led humanity to the path of enlightenment through wisdom after wisdom. Deemed as the hero and savior of mankind, people worshipped her and established a religion after her - the Orthodoxy. And thus, with the order restored to the world, humanity entered its golden age of peace and prosperity.

However, perhaps it was already a nature in many hero’s tale to end in tragedy. Alas, Viatrix was one of those heroes doomed with such unfortunate fate.

Her fame as a hero, she paid it with her severely shortened lifespan, for no human should have been able to perform the heavenly miracles like she had done. Knowing that her death was near, she proposed to let her knowledge to live on by transferring it into another medium, hoping that her knowledge would allow mankind to continue to prosper and live in peace even after she was long gone.

However, the Heavens refused. Viatrix was a woman of unparalleled wisdom - a true sage and woman of the Gods. However, no one else had been able to match her strength to wield such wisdom, both physically and mentally. Viatrix may had won the Gods’ trust, but they were above granting the same trust to the rest of humanity, seeing their past records of depravity.

And yet, Viatrix’s resolve didn’t waver. Her love for her people too great. Too great that it ultimately led to her downfall and nullifying most of her hard work to bring peace into the world, in fact.

Angered at her supposed ignorance, the Heavens decided to forsake and punish her for what they considered the arrogance of mankind. Her knowledge shall forever became cursed, and her name and spirit shall forever belong to the dark side of history.

Finally, the day that Viatrix had known would be her last finally came. Surrounded by the innermost circle of her followers, they began to perform the to transfer her entire wisdom and knowledge to a certain relic - a crystal supposedly emanating a divinely light that was later remembered after her name.

However, the Heavens would absolutely have none of it. They sent one of the angels to deliver the divine punishment they believed the sage well-deserved - that is, by cursing the crystal so it shall lead mankind to nothing but to ruin. Said ruin started from the wise sage herself; when she was about to finish the ritual, the angel overloaded the crystal with immeasurable energy that it ended up both destroying itself and at least half of the people present in the ritual, engulfing them in flames akin to hellfire. Upon seeing the spreading destruction in front of her, Viatrix tried to perform a miracle one last time with her dying breath to stop the flame and subside the curse, although in the end, she only managed to succeed partially.

Alas, her final sacrifice was met with nothing but scorn. Realizing that the woman of miracle had been forsaken by the Gods, the surviving members of the ritual immediately branded her as a heretic. It was unknown what happened to her body afterwards; some say the enraged members of the Orthodoxy threw her body away into nowhere out of belief that a heretic did not deserve to rest in peace, while some other believed her body assimilated into the alleged shards of the crystal where she sealed her knowledge in.

And yet, Viatrix’s standing in history wasn’t full of blame. Even despite everything that had happened, many of her followers believed in her until the very end to the point of dedicating themselves to restore her name and legacy. However, as long as the Heavens themselves haven’t forgiven her, it seems that it will still be a long way before they can achieve their goal.

And thus ended the tale of the Holy Mother of Wisdom. All because of her unparalleled love for her people, her last moments had her forsaken by the Heavens, betrayed by many of her once loyal followers, and the very peace she had worked hard to brought crumbling apart along with her body. Yet like many heroes in history, there will always be people who will fight their hardest for the legacy she had left behind.

Only time will tell whether she would finally get the closure she deserved...


The Sky Gate. It's a secluded floating island located far above the open waters between the three major continents - even higher than the floating lands in Kuon region. Despite its small size, above it stands the ruins of the ancient civilization with peculiar massive gate blocking the access to its interior. Legend has it that the gate leads to the plane beyond the sky itself, Lascantia.
Jul 22 2016, 04:54 PM


Format Judul Topik
Judul: Nama lengkap karakter
Deskripsi: Username

Format Aplikasi
[SIZE=7][Username-mu]'s Character[/SIZE]
[b]Name:[/b] --nama karaktermu--
[b]Age:[/b] --Usia karaktermu--
[b]Gender:[/b] --Jenis kelamin karaktermu, cewe/cowo--
[b]Height/Weight:[/b] --Tinggi dan berat badan, dalam cm dan kg--
[b]Hometown/Origin:[/b] --Kota/tempat asal--
[b]Side:[/b] --Pilih negaranya--
[b]Class:[/b] --Class karaktermu, sesuai dengan ketentuan tetapi boleh dielaborasi--
[b]Weapon:[/b] --Senjata karaktermu--
[*]STR vs. MAG
[*]VIT vs. AGI
[*]DEX vs. LUK[/list]
[b]Skill(s):[/b] --Skills karaktermu--
[b]Soul Limit Break:[/b] --Soul Limit Break karaktermu--
[b]Personality:[/b] --Sifat karaktermu--
[b]Appearance:[/b] --Penampilan karaktermu, jika menggunakan gambar harap pakai spoiler/URL--
[b]History:[/b] --Sejarah singkat karaktermu--
[b]Relation(s):[/b] --Relasi karaktermu--

Nanti topik tersebut dilink di signature, ya. Pakai nama karakter untuk link.

Kalau ada pertanyaan, silakan tanya.
Jul 22 2016, 04:53 PM
Jika ada yang mau ditanyakan, silakan post di sini. Sebisa mungkin akan dijawab oleh admin.
Jul 22 2016, 04:47 PM

Berikut adalah kelas-kelas yang ada di RP ini beserta kelebihan mereka. Sebisa mungkin dibuat adil.

Contoh: Knight, Fencer, Fighter*, Paladin, Magic Knight, etc.
  • Bonus maximum STR damage +30.
  • Bonus skill cool down untuk skill fisik -1x post pengguna.
  • Bonus HP +100.
  • Bonus DEF +10%.
  • Bonus frekuensi serangan critical +1.
  • Bonus maximum MAG damage +10 (khusus untuk Paladin dan Magic Knight).
  • Bonus AGI sebesar 5% (tidak berlaku bagi Paladin).
Contoh: Wizard, Sorcerer, Sage, Alchemist, Priest, etc. (Bard juga termasuk di sini)
  • Bonus maximum MAG damage +30.
  • Bonus skill cool down untuk skill sihir -1x post pengguna.
  • Bonus DEX +5%.
  • Bonus maximum MAG combo +2.
  • Bonus maximum target(s) +2.
  • Bonus maximum duration buff/debuff +1 post.
Contoh: Archer, Hunter, Sniper, Gunslinger, etc.
  • Bonus DEX +10%.
  • Bonus AGI +5%.
  • Bonus DEF +10%.
  • Bonus maximum STR damage +10.
  • Bonus maximum target(s) +2.
  • Bonus maximum STR combo +1.
Contoh: Thief, Fighter*, Assassin, Ninja, etc. (Dancer juga termasuk di sini)
  • Bonus AGI +10%.
  • Bonus frekuensi serangan critical +2 (tidak berlaku bagi Dancer).
  • Bonus DEX +5%.
  • Bonus maximum STR damage +10 (tidak berlaku bagi Dancer).
  • Bonus maximum MAG damage +10 (khusus untuk Dancer).
  • Bonus maximum duration untuk skill buff/debuff +1 post (khusus untuk Dancer).
  • Bonus maximum target(s) +1.
  • Bonus maximum STR combo +2.

*Pilih salah satu
Jul 22 2016, 04:41 PM

Status points digunakan untuk mempermudah pengaturan parameter. Berikut adalah ketentuannya:


Masing-masing dapat jatah 100, contoh:

STR 53 vs. 47 MAG
VIT 70 vs. 30 AGI
DEX 50 vs. 50 LUK

  • STR - Menentukan besar damage serangan fisik (termasuk juga serangan fisik long range, e.g. panah). Contoh: jika Jono memiliki 70 STR, maka damage serangan fisiknya adalah max kelipatan 70 (sesuai standar "pengalaman" karakter). Anggaplah Jono memiliki serangan max 210. Ketika melawan suatu monster, hasil dice roll Jono adalah 50, maka besar damage yang dihasilkan Jono adalah 210*50%=105. Jika ada hasil yang tidak bulat, dibulatkan (sesuai ketentuan pembulatan).
  • MAG - Menentukan besar damage serangan sihir. Ketentuannya sama dengan STR. Catatan: jika ada serangan kombinasi antara fisik dan sihir, lihat mana yang lebih dominan pada serangan itu.
  • VIT - Menentukan HP dan defense. Ketentuannya mirip STR; kelipatan 1000 (sesuai dengan "pengalaman" karakter). Misal, VIT 50 dan dipilih kelipatan 1000 adalah 2000, maka HPnya adalah 2000*50%=1000. Setiap berlindung, mengurangi serangan musuh sebanyak %VIT (sesuai standar musuh) juga (jika berhasil berlindung).
  • AGI - Menentukan kecekatan dan kecepatan. Pertama, menentukan jumlah combo maksimum yang dapat dilakukan, dengan ketentuan:
    • AGI 1-34: maksimal 5 combo serangan fisik, 2 combo serangan sihir
    • AGI 35-67: maksimal 7 combo serangan fisik, 3 combo serangan sihir
    • AGI 68-100: maksimal 9 combo serangan fisik, 3 combo serangan sihir
    Kedua, AGI mengurangi serangan musuh setiap 3-5x serangan (jika di bawah =<50% sebanyak 5x, jika >50% sebanyak 3x), persentase sesuai besar AGI*0.5, dibulatkan ke atas (misal: AGI 30, maka setiap 5x serangan musuh, serangan musuh akan dikurangi sebanyak 15% sesuai standar musuh). Jika melakukan penghindaran, maka mengurangi serangan musuh sebesar %AGI ketika penghindaran tidak berhasil.
  • DEX - Menentukan akurasi. Serangan normal (jika tidak ada ketentuan soal akurasi pada skill tersebut) hanya akan berhasil jika dice roll lebih dari [(100 - DEX) * (modifier)]. Hasil dibulatkan sesuai ketentuan pembulatan. Ketentuan angka modifier:
    • DEX 1-25: 0.65
    • DEX 25-50: 0.5
    • DEX 51-75: 0.35
    • DEX 76-99: 0.2
  • LUK - Menentukan keberuntungan (critical hit). Setiap jumlah serangan tertentu, ditambah persentase LUK*0.5 (jika hasil tidak bulat, maka bulatkan ke atas). Ketentuan jumlah serangan:
    • LUK 1-34: setiap 6x serangan, 1 critical hit
    • LUK 35-67: setiap 5x serangan, 1 critical hit
    • LUK 68-99: setiap 4x serangan, 1 critical hit
Perihal "Pengalaman" Karakter
Setiap karakter pasti spread-nya berbeda. Misal, ada kakak-beradik; si kakak lebih berpengalaman daripada si adik. Si kakak pengalamannya kelipatan 3 (serangan max 3*%STR/MAG, HP 3*1000*%VIT), sementara si adik kelipatan 1. Bebas ditentukan sendiri (dengan kisaran antara 1-5), hanya saja yang perlu diperhatikan:
  • Tolong jangan di-abuse dan dibuat masuk akal.
  • Konsisten dengan kelipatan yang digunakan, seperti di contoh kakak-adik di atas.
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